Pennie Murray | About the Power of Self-Permission
The Power of SELF Permission offer strategies constructed by Dr. Pennie Murray for the purpose of identifying and releasing the learned emotional resistance and inhibitions that block and limit one's success experiences.
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About the Power of Self-Permission


There are no wrong turns in life…. Only paths we didn’t know we were meant to walk.  ~Guy Gavriel Kay

• Have you been seeking your life’s purpose, yet often feel overwhelmed by apprehension and doubt? That ’s because you probably are.

• Do you want to create, speak, and live your life’s truth, but feel restricted? That’s because you probably are.

• Have you attempted to practice the Universal Law of Attraction, but feel like you’re missing something? That’s because you probably are.

For more than 16 years, I have actively been researching and studying the psychology of success (specifically within the Black American community). I am inspired by the evidence that for most, the desire to know and achieve one’s life purpose remains strong. However, I am distraught that our experiences of success are often marginalized, short-term, and restricted — crippled or sabotaged by self-doubt, and emotional resistance — the emotional side of success.


Realigning the Emotional Side of Success

FACT: Success is scarier than failure; and the paths you take throughout your journey toward success can be daunting, full of uncertainty, lonely, and sometimes dark. Don’t fool yourself; success is an emotional journey that moves back and forth along a continuum between the points of exhilaration and despair.

On any given day, we spend a considerable amount of time and energy navigating through the sporadic landscape of success — rarely realizing that much of our inconsistent or meager experiences with success is self-imposed. You can change all of this by invoking the power of just 4-words


Become the Game Changer You Were Intended To Be

In my quest to understand my self-sabotaging behaviors, I discovered the enormous power in my inherent authority of Self permission. Blending science, spirituality, activism and self-reconciliation, I advocate and teach practical methods that help you to realign with your power of Self permission. No matter what your level or status in life, I offer a guided learning experience on the process of letting go of learned patterns of resistance, and tapping into your innate higher consciousness of Allowing and Receiving — what I call The Power of Self Permission.

Many of us don’t really know the landscape of our own inner experience because we have been conditioned to believe the external landscape and outer experiences are more important. We have been duped into minimizing, ignoring, and even denying our inner well-being, resources, and inherent authority. Ultimately, creating our own “living hell” and self-imposed barriers to success.

If your inner-voice and life purpose have been marginalized or suppressed by learned patterns of resistance; or you feel stuck in a place of limitations and doubt, then it’s time to align with your power of Self permission. It’s time to become the Game Changer you were intended to be. After all, we are here on purpose; for purpose.

Whether you’re interested in an educational keynote, attending a group-coaching workshop, or personal clarity sessions, I am passionate about every aspect of The Power of Self Permission. Once you began to realign with your power of Self permission, you will be too.


Giving My “SELF” Permission — A Higher Consciousness

SELF Permission: an inherent power of authority, choice, freedom, and self-governance in determining and initiating action. Could be compared to the human Will. In this use, “SELF” is considered a proper noun, instead of a noun or pronoun.

Giving My SELF Permission: is the absence of emotional resistance or restraint toward one’s inherent authority of self-expression, autonomy, and choice—without the need for external consent. This action follows the universe’s spiritual Law of Allowing.

The Power of SELF Permission: the capacity to wield this power conscientiously, to bring about the highest good for Self and others. It does not overpower or control but instead empowers.

Resource: Murray, P.L. (2010). Giving Myself Permission: Putting Fear and Doubt in Their Place. Oak Point, Texas: GMP Publishing


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