FEAR... the bars that imprisons creativity and purpose.

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The Learning Spa: Inner Wellness &
Cultural Incubation Center

Speaking Truth to Fear… Releasing One Divine Purpose at a Time

We’re preparing to open a NEW inner-wellness facility dedicated to the African American experience called The Learning Spa: Inner Wellness & Cultural Incubation Center. Click here to find out how you can donate.

This facility is a sacred space to learn, discover, grow, and be supported through our unique journey toward inner wellness and personal power. We provide culturally-specific holistic services, workshops, and events that help us rediscover, heal, and liberate our Sacred Expressive Life Force (SELF) to be seen, heard, and felt in its own way. We also feature African American mind/body/spirit products to cleanse and maintain our space of being IN-Wellness.


The Learning Spa: Inner Wellness & Cultural Incubation Center is an inner-wellness center that focuses on healing the “OUCH” within the African American community by providing a facility that emphasizes a more culturally derived spiritual practice of self-betterment.

We’re committed to restoring self-trust to the thousands of African Americans who struggle with a mindset of inferiority indoctrinated through centuries of racial discrimination. This debilitating mindset has significantly impeded the progress in the African American community. And creates a consciousness where success has become scarier than failure.

Being exposed to centuries of racial discrimination—many African Americans are cynical about changing their quality of life or don’t know how to detach from the indoctrination of inferiority and the victim mentality. So, fear and self-doubt are our constant companions—causing us to repeatedly second guess our significance, our value, and our efforts toward success.

At The Learning Spa: Inner Wellness & Cultural Incubation Center, we understands that real freedom starts with a commitment to live beyond our fears and to unlearn the inhibitions that keep us trapped in mediocrity. So, we focus on freedom from the FEARs and hollow belief systems that block our highest good—first within ourselves, and then our community—by any holistic means necessary.

Our goal is NOT to abolish fears but instead convert them into energy that will help us manifest the highest good for ourselves and the community around us. We do this by helping others learn to speak truth to their fears in a way that unpacks the generational impact discrimination has on the psyche of the African American community and our success experiences.

The Learning Spa: Inner Wellness & Cultural Incubation Center provides a safe space where we are all—of every cultural and race— both teachers and students… sharing and learning diverse holistic wellness practices without judgment. Because we know fear is at the root of racial discrimination and drives us to resist and/or sabotage our highest good, we hold space for accountability and integrity to your own Divine calling and truth.

We also hold space for everyone to unlearn and then rediscover their inherent life’s truth… at their own pace. We’re dedicated to guiding others in discovering their emotional triggers, distresses, and self-imposed barriers linked to racism and bigotry that sabotage our success experiences. But our greater work is teaching individuals to reclaim their power of SELF permission through self-reconciliation and self-trust.

While The Learning Spa focuses on speaking truth to the many fears and emotional triggers of racial discrimination within the African American community, NO ONE is exempt from the psychological damage of racism and bigotry. So, we welcome our allies and partners to take this learning and healing journey with us.  

By no means is the phase “Healing the “OUCH” within the African American community” intended to minimize the historical, psychological wounds inflicted on the African American psyche. Instead, it is used to honor and respect the tremendous depth of the wounds racial discrimination causes. But we honor and respect them through “nurturing enlightenment”—not victimhood and self-pity.

At The Learning Spa, we know that it is vital to the well-being of this society to achieve social justice and equality. But we also firmly believe justice and equality will do little to change the racial tension in our society without addressing the inner-wellness in our communities. So we passionately advocate that inner wellness and self-reconciliation is just as significant to our overall well-being as our fight for social equality. 

You can help support this effort by becoming an ally and/or partner of inner wellness in the African American community. Through your generous contribution we can make The Learning Spa – Inner Wellness & Cultural Incubation Center a reality. DONATE NOW!

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