3 Ways to Start Your Journey Toward SELF Permission

When the roots of inherited weaknesses and learned inhibitions run deep, the learning curve of expanding your mental and emotional capacity to receive more, and regain your inherent power of self-permission is steep. Unfortunately, this intensifies your resistance towards your highest good.  

To chip away this resistance requires us to make holistic paradigm shifts. Why? Because for many, living through your power of SELF permission is a new and unfamiliar quality of life. As new ways of thinking begin to emerge, stronger degrees of resistance are triggered—some stronger than others. So, I developed three (3) teaching and guidance levels to offer you support during these shifts to ensure you experience an emotionally healthy journey toward learning to give your SELF permission.

#1: Self-Coaching



Never Despise Small Beginnings

Sometimes the smallest investment of time, money, or commitment in ordinary things can have the most significant impact. The first paradigm shift starts by honoring this law of small differences through a simple approach of self-coaching.

Our life’s journey is an emotional and spiritual pilgrimage entrusted to our authority. So the journey toward SELF permission starts with the small, non-threatening action of reading and reflecting on insights gained from the book, Giving My Self Permission. This self-coaching tool is designed to help you start your journey without time constraints or additional external noises.

It’s YOUR JOURNEY, therefore, acknowledging and untangling the “what” and “why” of your life must be done YOUR WAY!

This paradigm shift is the most sacred, but also the most resisted part of the journey. It challenges your illusionary comfort zone and gets to the “what” and “why” of our unconscious resistance. The book Giving My Self Permission plays an intricate part in making your experience of exploring these questions less disruptive.

* This is the prerequisite for Paradigm Shift #2 and 3

#2: Group-Coaching



Untangling and unpacking the “what” and “why” of the emotional resistances that suppresses our Sacred Expressive Life Force (SELF) is often overwhelming and frustrating. It leaves us susceptible to “quick fixes” and psychological blind spots—unable to fully see or clarify certain aspects of our life’s journey. 

Being among like-minded individuals offer us an opportunity that will both challenge and support us, which is often not available to us in our environment. This learning environment also provides mental and emotional stretch opportunities to see and think beyond our mental conditioning and our comfort zone.

There is Strength in Diversity

This Collaborative Learning Experience delves further into the “what” and “why” of your life. It provides you with guided explorations, discussions, and ways to practice the principles and strategies of realigning with your inherent power of SELF permission from a more diverse perspective. Using the energies and rhythms of other participants, I guide you through the more vulnerable conversations, responses, challenges, discoveries, and moments of enlightenment that only occur from the interchange of the group. A process known as Dynamic Synergistic Learning.

*For a richer learning experience, it is strongly recommended that you complete Phase 1 

#3: One-on-One Co-Coaching



It's Hard to Believe in Your SELF by Yourself!

Initially, trying to maintain your momentum during the unfamiliar paradigm shift of realigning and liberating your inherent SELF can be disorienting and intimidating. It will also test your ability to be patient with yourself during the process of realigning and learning to ALLOW. During this leg of your journey, you may face a greater degree of resistance and some pivotal crossroad moments. 

This is where my Holistic Clarity Sessions can help. These sessions are designed for those who may continue to struggle with learned inhibitions, feel stuck in their efforts, or want more guidance during these more challenging moments. 

I know the emotional challenges of trying to maintain belief and confidence in your SELF by yourself, so I am sensitive to your journey toward self-reconciliation. The one-on-one mentoring sessions are designed to keep you from feeling stuck or abandoning your efforts of learning to give your SELF permission.

*The completion of Phase 1 is a prerequisite before scheduling a Clarity Session. For maximum benefit, it is strongly recommended that you attend a Game Changers Anonymous Group-Coaching Intensive key

the benefits are limited only by your commitment

We are stuck living life incognito because we are estranged from our SELF; therefore, we lack trust and faith in our ability to create, speak, and achieve our truth. Giving your Sacred Expressive Life Force (SELF) permission to be seen, heard, and felt in its truth is a vital necessity for changing the quality of your life’s narrative, and the dynamics and momentum of your success experiences. 

Whether you choose the solitude of self-paced learning, the camaraderie of group learning, or one-on-one consulting, each path is designed to provide you with insights and flexible methods that will help you:

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