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The Power of SELF Permission offer strategies constructed by Dr. Pennie Murray for the purpose of identifying and releasing the learned emotional resistance and inhibitions that block and limit one's success experiences.
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Self-Coaching Clarity Sessions

What does the phrase “Live Your Truth” mean to you? Self-respect, authenticity, honesty, unbridled creativity, accountability, consistency, honoring your moral code, fulfilling your deepest desires?

We Talk a lot about “finding our voice,” which indicates that somehow we lost it. We don’t need to find our voice; we need to set it free. This freedom is inevitable when you self-assuredly give your Self permission.


Self-Coaching Clarity Sessions

Best Suited For: Those who continue to struggle with learned inhibitions, or feel stuck in their efforts, and want more individual guidance on the strategies and tools they are using.

Recommended For: Those who want an advocate who will:

• Accompany you through your intensive “self-work” of reconciling the relationship with your inner-self.

• Keep you focused, and hold you accountable to achieving your higher consciousness of self-permission.

• Assist you in interpreting and navigating the emotional side of your inner-journey.

• Help you embrace freedom through forgiveness — of self and others.



All practice is not effective practice. Years of distorted conditioning leave us vulnerable to unrealistic beliefs and expectations that are no longer beneficial to our well-being. When practicing the principles and strategies of Self-Permission, our outdated, one-size-fits-all approaches are often ineffective. Realigning with your life’s truth isn’t about changing or “fixing” you—it’s about letting go of the emotional resistance that is imprisoning your creativity, voice, and intended purpose.

To achieve this, your practice must fit your natural energy flow. Even so, you may realize that the learning curve of sustaining the courage to live in the energy of “your truth” is greater than you expected. Especially if your life experiences are rooted in fear, self-doubt, and seeking the approvals of others.

This is where Self-Coaching Clarity Sessions can help. This one-on-one tutoring experience is designed to keep you from getting stuck or abandoning your efforts of becoming more confident in your unique practices of giving your Self permission.



I believe that a momentary setback indicates a need for greater clarity. So my Self-Coaching Clarity Sessions advocate encouragement—not co-dependency. I also don’t measure my success by prolonged, repeated sessions. Your journey to resolving your inner conflicts should not be a prison sentence.

There are no magic potions or quick fixes. It takes stubborn focus and commitment to let go of your learned emotional and mental resistances, and to reconnect with your true purpose for life. Despite this fact, there should always be progress. We understand that initially, it’s hard to believe in yourself, by yourself; so we are here to help you succeed in your efforts.

Taking on the role of a trusted confidant and teacher, I focus solely on your momentary need for clarity. This helps you gain more confidence in your self-coaching efforts, and to trust your instincts to achieve your highest good by: 

• Assessing the effectiveness of your approach, to ensure your strategies and tools align with your innate resources, so you get the maximum benefit from them.

• Maintaining the 4-Golden Rules of healthy, effective freedom from learned inhibitions and ego resistance: (1) There are no quick fixes, (2) Practice, (3) Practice, and (4) Practice.

We refer to this co-coaching process as the Power of Two.



All Self-Coaching Clarity Sessions consist of:

• 1 hour 15-minute sessions via phone, or in person;

• Between-session e-mail or phone check-ins to answer questions and keep you focused on your journey; and

• Tailored exercises to reinforce your current self-coaching practices between sessions.


Affordable & Designed to Fit Your Needs
There are no lengthy packages or rigid schedule requirements; you decide when you need a clarity check and balance, and how often you need it. Contact us for our fee schedule. (Receive a 15% discount with three or more Pre-paid sessions)