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The Power of SELF Permission offer strategies constructed by Dr. Pennie Murray for the purpose of identifying and releasing the learned emotional resistance and inhibitions that block and limit one's success experiences.
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The urging to “Give Yourself Permission” is all around us. A simple action—Right?

Wrong! While we hear the cavalier use of this phrase daily, we are unaware of the enormous power behind this declaration of self-empowerment. For many, this encouragement is quickly discouraged by a distorted, yet unconscious state of resistance—followed by a series of self-sabotaging mental scenarios. Just the mere thought of indulging in self-empowerment leaves us with the stresses of self-doubt and fear.

Stuck somewhere between years of learned inhibitions, our emotional traumas, and the fear of disapproving others, we struggle to understand just how you can give your Self permission when everything in you cautions against it. More importantly, are there methods and strategies available to help us achieve this ability to give our Self permission. 



This One Clarifying Question Can Change the Course of Your Life—Forever!


The Power of Self Permission or giving your SELF permission is a concept that focuses on:

• Revealing the “what” and “why” of your learned resistances

• Letting go of the learned resistances that trigger self-betrayal

• Releasing you from your romance with mediocrity and struggle

• Self-reconciliation to align your inner/outer life journey, and

• Tapping into your innate higher consciousness of Allowing and Receiving

This unconventional, yet practical process is designed to help you identify your unique areas of learned resistance and other limiting conditionings that restrict or paralyze your ability to live, speak or create from your life’s truth.

Self-reconciliation work is not about “fixing” yourself or “self-improvement.” It’s about re-purposing your emotional traumas and letting go of the conditioning that no longer enriches your life’s journey. It’s about getting into a space of allowing so you can liberate and experience the power of your true voice and spirit.

Reclaiming your Power of Self Permission requires a holistic paradigm shift that relies on the basic, universal skill or practice of Meditation. Meditation is one of the primary cornerstones in this process, and the gateway to achieving this holistic shift. While it is an ancient spiritual practice, I know all too well, this is a difficult skill to develop and requires constant practice. Because of this, it’s crucial that your learning path provides you with a sense of structure and freedom that fits your style. And each learning path is designed to ensure you have both.



Whether you choose the solitude of Self-Paced learning or the camaraderie of group learning, each learning path is designed to teach you an adaptable method of self-coaching that helps you in three ways:

• Weigh the usefulness of your learned inhibitions

• Identify, explore, and gain insight from your experiences of emotional traumas, unconscious self-sabotaging patterns, and other limiting conditioning

• Clear the pathway for you to reconcile and align your inner/outer life journey to reclaim your higher consciousness of (aka: the Power of Self Permission)


These learning paths include:


When you learn the principles of Self Permission, you begin the process of changing the dynamics and momentum of your success experiences, and the quality of your life.

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