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I/O Psychologist, Author, Speaker, Teacher, and Advocate for the Power of Self-Permission
I/O Psychologist, Author, Speaker, Teacher, Advocate for the Power of Self-Permission,

Dr. Murray; Educator & Consultant

Hello! I am Dr. Pennie Murray, educator, advocate and consultant with a diverse portfolio of experience. I fulfilled a childhood dream by serving as a law enforcement officer in Kansas City, MO, owned a retail business and was recognized as a niche marketer for several years. I was a radio talk show host on KPRT in Kansas City, traveled throughout the U.S.A and aboard as a corporate trainer, earned a doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Walden University, and wrote an award-winning book.

While I am very proud of the accomplishments I’ve made, I also recognize that much of what I did was to compensate for how I always felt on the inside—“never good enough.” For years, my life was manipulated and suppressed by the distorted conditionings, negative life experiences and labels that shaped my self-image.

For a large portion of my life, these labels always spoke louder and with more conviction than my positive achievements. The insatiable need to prove my worth left me susceptible to being addicted to the approval and opinions of others. Always on a quest to disprove my negative self-talk, the successes I achieved silence the inner-noise for so long. Before long, the cycle would begin again.

I spent an excessive amount of time and money on an overabundance of self-help books, and on coaching and counseling sessions. I attended classes and conferences in an attempt to identify the “unknown something” that sabotaged and restrained the true expression of my voice and spirit.

Sadly, not much changed. The recurring feelings of being stuck in a maze of wrong turns, dead-ends, and desperate exits went on for years until I started asking some serious questions. These questions led back to the core of my own distorted conditioning. Over time, I realized the emotional tug-of-war between my intended purpose and the learned emotional resistance I struggled with was leading me along a path of discovery and self-reconciliation. I also began to sense there was a path I was meant to travel, and it wasn’t the one I had settled for.


As soon as healing takes place, go out and heal somebody else. ~Maya Angelou


My struggles and constant pleas of emotional freedom were the driving forces behind my 16-year quest to decipher my willingness to stay loyal to mediocrity—even though I desired something more.

In the most skeptical time in my life. I discovered a radical, yet practical concept of tapping into my innate higher consciousness of Allowing and Receiving—a process I refer to as Giving Myself Permission; and now I want to share it with you.

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I’m so glad you’re here, and look forward to helping you tap into your power of SELF permission. I’m available for speaking engagements, classes and virtual coaching.




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