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There are no wrong turns in life…. Only paths we didn’t know we were meant to walk
~Guy Gavriel Kay

We all have one common desire—to know our life’s purpose, and to fully experience it. Oddly, this thing called PURPOSE is less about the desired destination, and more about the journey—the paths we chose to get us there, and our acceptance or resistance to the experiences. Contrary to popular belief, our journey to purpose (whether we know our purpose or not) will consist of wrong turns, detours, roadblocks, and dead-ends.


LIFE is not a sequence of straight lines and guarantees.

But for many, the journey to purpose seems more like a maze we can’t find our way out of. There’s nothing more frustrating as a forced detour; a wrong turn, or a dead-end. What’s even more frustrating is, no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get your bearings to correct your course. So you’re left feeling depressed, angry, confused, trapped, or resentful.

Other times, you feel something or someone is working against you. Time and again, you seem to be in a constant loop of planning, developing, visualizing, and waiting—but never implementing and achieving. Over time, you become paralyzed by a mental state of self-doubt and apprehensiveness about your purpose, your path, and your worthiness.

But what if the real adversary against your efforts toward success is your own resistance to a greater purpose, and not the external hindrances you presume. What if your fears and doubts held the deeper answers to the questions you are afraid to ask yourself? And more importantly, what if I told you every wrong turn, detour, and roadblock was a valuable aspect of the journey—intended to redirect you to your highest good?


Navigating successfully through the emotional landscape of fear, self-doubt, and self-criticism

Having a clear idea of where you are going, and insight on what to anticipate

Knowing the opportunities that need your permission to be manifested in your life

Knowing you are a powerful co-creator of the experiences you want

Feeling intensely alive with meaningful intention, and knowing what true faith is

Knowing what you truly wanted, and what to do to guide it into your life with ease

Feeling at peace about your decisions and choices

Trusting yourself as the final authority of your success experiences

Effectively using your emotional energies to bring forth the highest good in yourself and others

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