Pennie Murray | About the Power of Self-Permission
The strategies to achieve the higher consciousness of self-permission was developed by Dr. Pennie Murray for those whose life purpose has been marginalize or suppressed by learned inhibitions and limitations, and are open to exploring unconventional strategies to gain the confidence to live your truth.
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About the Power of Self-Permission


There are no wrong turns in life…. Only paths we didn’t know we were meant to walk.  ~Guy Gavriel Kay


Do you feel your opportunities for success are restricted? Do you sometimes feel you’re binging on self-empowerment books, but still nothing is changing? Do you feel like you are standing still—even at times—moving backward? If these scenarios resonate with you, or any other scenario that keeps you stuck in a perpetual loop of apprehension and self-doubt, then it’s time to reconnect with your natural power of self-permission.


A Note From Dr. Murray

For more than 16 years, I have actively been researching and studying the psychology of success (specifically within the Black American community). I am inspired by the evidence that the desire to know and achieve one’s life purpose is strong. Yet, extremely troubled that the experiences of success were often marginalized, short-term, restricted, or discouraged by feelings of being stuck, deprived, oppressed, or sabotaged by self-doubt.


I’m no stranger to this phenomena. The process of obtaining the higher consciousness of Giving Myself Permission was derived from my own struggles with being emotionally suppressed to speak and live my life’s truth.



This Journey Work is Best Suited For:

Those whose inner-voice and life purpose has been marginalize or suppressed by learned patterns of resistance, and are open to exploring non-traditional strategies to gain the confidence to live your life’s truth.





You’ve Heard The Phrase, But What Does It Mean?

Self-Permission: an inherent power of authority, choice, freedom, and self-governance in determining and initiating an action. Could be compared to the human Will.

Giving Myself Permission: is the absence of internal resistance or restraint toward one’s inherent authority of self-expression, autonomy and choice—without the need for external consent. This action follows the universe’s spiritual Law of Allowing.

The Power of Self-Permission: the capacity to wield this power conscientiously, to bring about the greatest good for self and others. It does not overpower or control, but rather empowers.

Resource: Murray, P.L. (2010). Giving Myself Permission: Putting Fear and Doubt in Their Place. Oak Point, Texas: GMP Publishing


Knowing this is one thing. Achieving it…. Well, that’s a challenge. Especially when your life experiences are rooted in learned patterns of resistance and inhibitions.


My versatile, yet practical process is designed to offer individuals at various levels of their lives a guided learning experience on the process of letting go of learned patterns of resistance; and tapping into the innate higher consciousness of Allowing and Receiving (the Power of Self-Permission).


Blending science, spirituality, activism and self-reconciliation, I describe myself as an activist of self-truth, holding the space for those whose inner-voice and life purpose has been marginalize or suppressed by learned patterns of resistance; or who feel stuck in a place of limitations and doubt. Whether you’re interested in an educational keynote, attending a workshop, or personal development sessions, I am passionate about every aspects of The Power of Self-Permission; and you will be too, once you began to reclaim your power of self-permission.


I am particularly dedicated to the Black American Community in:

Exploring new and alternative spiritual/emotional practices of enlightenment, truth, and self-reconciliation.

Unfolding how the historical Black American experiences cultivated an emotional state of resistance that perpetuates self-betrayal.

Making a mental and emotional shift toward reconnecting with our true essence and voice from the inside—out.


If you’re ready to tap into your internal compass that will lead you through and out of the maze you’ve been stuck in CLICK HERE to learn more about the journey toward self-permission, and why you must start your journey TODAY!