Pennie Murray | Small Group Teaching Workshops
The strategies to achieve the higher consciousness of self-permission was developed by Dr. Pennie Murray for those whose life purpose has been marginalize or suppressed by learned inhibitions and limitations, and are open to exploring unconventional strategies to gain the confidence to live your truth.
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Small Group Teaching Workshops

Group Teaching Workshop:

Best Suited For: Those interested in the camaraderie and experience of learning from diverse perspectives and life journeys.

Recommended For: Small Group Participation (max: 15 participants), Special Interest Groups advocating Growth & Betterment; Mind/Body/Spirit Retreats, and Other Empowerment Events: Workshops; Retreats; Holistic Cruises, or Conferences



You can succeed best by helping others succeed, which is why a group-teaching environment can be an extraordinary learning experience.


Those who take this path come together from all lifestyles and with different life purposes, yet want to have a shared, more robust learning experience. This is a mutual learning environment where the exchange of ideas and collaboration among the members of the group are vital to the learning process.


This Collaborative Learning Approach provides you an opportunity to explore and practice the principles and strategies of giving yourself permission from a more diverse perspective. Using the energies and rhythms of the participants, I bring the pages of my book to life by guiding you through shared and received feedback on the challenges, discoveries, and moments of enlightenment that only occur from the interchange of the group. A process referred to as Collective Wisdom.


Harnessing the collective wisdom, energy and expertise of the group creates a unique learning of key concepts, strategies, and tools that differs with each group dynamic. While also holding the space for each member to contribute fully in an environment of trust, accountability, and confidentiality for all.


Benefits of Collaborative Learning

Recharged Spirit. A gathering of like-minds often evolves into an inter-fusion of energies that ultimately re-energizing you from the inside – out.

Shared Wisdom. When individuals of common spirit come together in safety, they innately become “Mentors.” We’re not shy in sharing advice or acting as tutors. So questions are asked and answered from a place of deep reflection and sincerity.

Others Become Your Mirror. In a relaxed, emotionally safe space, we are calmed by being in the presence of others with similar intentions; so we’re able to recognize our blind spots through others.

Exchanged Wisdom. Exploring the shared wisdom of others enables us to refocus and see things from a different perspective. It also offers us an opportunity to share strategies, best practices and make connections to accelerate our journey toward success.

Psychological & Biological Profits. Research has proven having close and frequent face-to-face connections with like-minded others makes us healthier. More importantly, our goals are exponentially better when we align ourselves with collaborative thinkers. So… this is a win-win situation.

Intrinsic Fulfillment. The core principle of this group experience is, “Help someone and you help yourself.” Embracing this core principle offers you an opportunity to expand yourself further by helping someone else to navigate through his or her journey. I like to call this having a “Lighthouse Spirit”.



Best Suited For: Those interested in the diverse perspectives of a smaller (max: 7 participants) more meticulous group learning experience.


Power of Self-Permission Intensive workshops are much like the small group teaching workshops, designed to provide an in-depth self-coaching learning experience. This intensive challenges you to dig deeper into your self-work, and guides you further along your inner/outer life journey of Allowing.

The Intensive workshops are scheduled 3-times a year, and is a 4-day deep learning group-coaching experience.




Do you have another learning experience that better meets the needs of your group’s journey toward Self-Permission? Don’t worry. Our team can work with you to create a customized experience. If you are looking for a more intensive learning experience that fits your style of self-discovery from a more personal perspective, we encourage you to consider the Self-Coaching learning path.



To inquire about Dr. Murray facilitating your next group-learning event, please contact her at or 469. 525. 1156.

Workshops can be designed for 2-days, but for an expansive experience it is recommended for 3-days. Basic workshops are generally scheduled for Friday and Saturday sessions: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM; and concludes on Sunday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.