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Start Your Journey at Your Own Pace…

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Discover for yourself why Giving Myself Permission is not just a book title—but a lifestyle.

How often do your inner thoughts disagree with your spoken goals and ambitions? Is fear and self-doubt constantly frustrating your efforts toward success? Do you always seem to be in survival mode? Does your life’s journey seem more like a maze of dead-ends, instead of experiences of progress and growth?

My journey toward learning to give myself permission began with a belief that bigotry and inequality was not limited to the physical plane of society. I believed that it also existed at a spiritual level that fated me to a life of struggle. 

Wanting to resolve my grievance with the Universe/God, I have spent over 16 years researching and debating the validity of my grievances. This quest led to the discovery of a higher consciousness of Giving Myself Permission—a discovery that went beyond our current conventional understanding and use of the term. It took me years to comprehend, and to coach my mind toward the higher consciousness of giving myself permission. It doesn’t have to take you that long.

In Giving Myself Permission, I share my discoveries, insights, and methods that will help you identify the simplest path through and out of the maze. These insights will also help you reconnect with the true rhythm of your life’s purpose. Get Your Copy TODAY and learn how just three words can change the overall quality of your life.

Available in Paperback & eBook

What Others Have Said:

• This book truly helped me to reflect upon my actions and how I created my reality and what I needed to do to create a life without limitations and fear. It was a true stepping stone along my journey to do my self work – it was right on time! Thank you Pennie and continue teaching the power of the self!    Susan Carter

• Ms. Pennie Murray, you’ve changed my entire perception of who I am and what I think about myself. Giving Yourself Permission is a life changing read. I found myself reading along and then going back to read again.    Julius Nesbit

• Pennie’s honesty and raw approach to unveiling all the “ugly” (that everyone desperately tries to hide) creates a “safe place” to be real with yourself. All of the sudden you don’t feel alone and you can allow yourself to start the real work to make powerful changes.   Michelle Batista



Still Want to Test the Waters?

Watch for My FREE Introductory Webinar

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Join me for this one hour introductory webinar session of The Power of Self-Permission. In this session I expand your self-pace experience by bringing sections of the book to life, answering your questions, and exploring:

• What the Power of Self-Permission is; why it’s important—and how it’s the greatest tool you’ll ever have for achieving success

• The language of resistance toward success; how it’s created—and how fluent we are in speaking it

• How our historical residue creates an unconscious inner-conflict that limits and distorts our ability to experience a higher quality of life, love and success

• What you can do to raise your ceiling of probability through the power of self-permission—and so much more!!


When your mind and your emotions join forces as allies, you can accomplish the remarkable. ~Pennie Murray


Email me your contact information; put in the subject line “Add me to the Webinar List”, and I’ll notify you with the date of the next session.