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What Others are Saying

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Fortify my perspective of not only loving myself but trusting myself

Hi Pennie,

I literally just finished reading your book one minute ago. 🙂

I met u at the Women’s Expo in Ft. Worth a few months ago and purchased your book. I truly believed it was divine timing for us to meet and also to have the finances and wisdom to purchase your book.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, I applaud your willingness to be transparent and tell your story. Your book has helped to fortify my perspective of not only loving myself but trusting myself. I told myself a few months back that I was ready to face my “demons” and to deal with them. It has not been easy, as you know and I have further to go. However, I am now equipped to deal with my experiences with love and patience. I cannot predict exactly how a situation might turn out BUT I can give myself permission to recalculate and change directions if I choose .without beating myself up about what others may say or think about me. Your book is a stepping stone for me and I am so happy you decided to listen and follow your spirit to write the book.

I wish you the best in all you do – Thank You for being YOU!

Stacey Lawrence Ward

My drive and learn library.


I am enjoying the CD, Richer Ground. It is in my drive and learn library. I also love getting your emails. I have another couple of friends that I will be giving your information to.

I am looking forward to an opportunity to sit down and talk with you.

If you are doing any seminars, please let me know.

Be Blessed,

Ruby Shoals

Feel free and can hear clearer when interacting with my coworkers

Hi Pennie,

I am still reading and have realized that I lost myself along the way and was asleep in a stupor as well. I was excited when I read the first few pages but I have been evolving as I am reading so much so that my brother asked me the name of the book I was reading and told me to go and read more of it last night. 🙂 go figure that one.

I truly feel free and can hear clearer when interacting with my coworkers who have manipulated me ever so sweetly under the guise of just asking a question or giving suggestions as to what and who I should and should not talk to for fear of repercussions and retaliations.

I am free now with more freedom to gain but no more sleeping or looking back!

I wanted to ask if you knew of anyone in the Charleston, SC area armed with this same insight as you to be a speaker at our Admin Appreciation breakfast. If you do I would appreciate any help you could give, If not I am truly grateful.

I do realized that everyone is not ready to give themselves permission in anything. I plan to give my family a copy of this for their own redevelopment, it is a must.

Thank you so very much again you are a true God sent for me at this time in my life.


Your words are an inspiring confirmation!

Pennie…Your newsletter is timely, insightful and so on point for this juncture of my journey. After deliberation, I’m giving myself permission to close out the negative and unedifying situations that have weighed me down. Your words are an inspiring confirmation!

Thank you for letting your divine light shine.

Love you girlfriend & have a blessed day!

Tammie Parish

Moved by the depth and quality of your work.

Hello Penny Murray,

It’s been almost a year since I first learned of you and the depth of your work. Then as now I was greatly moved by the depth and quality of your work.

As I read through this offering of information from you and reflect on my own experience with you I never left my original perception. That there is and can be an opportunity to enhance this message with the availability of major broadcast platforms.

I am looking forward to a very powerful and provocative 2014. We are designing two exceptional platforms that are significant developments in 21st Century content innovation. The most exciting for me personally as the creator… The Black Women’s Broadcasting Network. This will correspond with our expanding portfolio of networks and importantly trigger a national / global presentation on the emerging significance of Black Woman as a political economic force.

I am profoundly dedicated to developing and providing a platform for Black Woman who will guide and be the inspiration for young Black Girls …..who will be challenged greatly in the future. There is an ever increasing divide between Black Women and Black Men………I would join you in meeting this obligation to serve…..

Raymond K. Coleman

You speak the truth and you tell it like it is.


Thank you so much!! This is good stuff!! I love what you are doing for our world, especially women and minorities, and I love what you have to say. You speak the truth and you tell it like it is. How refreshing! Keep up the good work. You inspire and motivate me like none other. You have a great gift to share. Thank you for sharing it with me.


So well written, interesting, riveting, and useful


I love your book. It’s so well written, interesting, riveting, and useful, that I am recommending it in my column At Work.

You can check it at

My column is also in Dallas and Houston newspapers. That will take you right to my column under Advice. I can’t say enough positive things about your book. I wish Oprah still had her morning show so she could recommend it.

If you can still make changes, add your “Ph.D.” to the cover. It is a wonderful credential and nothing is wrong with using it. Congratulations! Keep me on your email list. I would love to use you some time for an individual quote to a reader’s problem when appropriate.

Lindsey Novak


The More I Read, the More I Can Finally See

This book hit home right where I live. You know on the corner of mediocre and just making it. Mediocre because it is comfortable and just making it to keep everyone around me in the dark about how I really feel. The more I read the more I can finally see that somebody knows exactly how I feel about having inhibitions to really ask and get what I need and stop the practices that are detrimental to me. This book is an excellent tool in helping me become happy, healthy and whole.

RJ – North Carolina

Giving Myself Permission Was Just the Thing I Needed

This book changed my life! It revolutionized my thinking and propelled me forward. Through Pennie’s advice and personal experiences, I was better able to see how I too, have been seeking the approval of others in my decision making. Self-permission is a journey. Daily I am still learning to follow my own best judgment without feeling the need to seek someone else’s approval, or fit into some established status quo. Giving Myself Permission was just the thing I needed to boost my self-confidence and push toward destiny. I found courage again!

Y. Harris – Texas

A Very Courageous Author

Honestly speaking when I first picked up the book and started reading, it really did challenge me. It made me think beyond the scope of my “religious norm,” and I was a little hesitant to embrace what I was reading because I expected to see a lot of quotes from the bible. But as I began delve into the book I was captivated by it because you shared living experiences were it was obvious that the Word of God was alive in your life. This covered me with a veil of change. Giving Myself Permission truly challenges your fundamental beliefs and processes, and you do a thorough job at taking us to a higher level in Christ.

Joy & Company – Dallas

Informative, and Most Importantly, PRACTICAL

“Giving Myself Permission” is one of those books (like “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”) that you wish you’d read much earlier in life, because had you read it, you’d have avoided unspeakable self-inflicted pain and drama.

Entertaining, engaging, informative, and most importantly, PRACTICAL, Murray’s book meets you right where you are and masterfully guides you to where you want to go. Too many self-help books are heavy on the “woo-woo” and light on the “how to.” But not Murray’s book. The author gives readers an up-close-and-personal view of her own internal struggles to overcome wrong thinking first learned in childhood and create a vibrant, zestful, successful life. If you’re looking for just one book to read this year, “Giving Myself Permission” is it.

Nichole – Georgia

EVER SO Needed!

Just saying the title out loud is empowering! What one small step can you make today to “give yourself permission”?? I love books that don’t sugar coat, give complicated excercises or fuzzy platitudes that run out of steam on the third repeat. This is not that…Amazing information!

Erica – Philadelphia


You are my hero

I just read your most recent blog and I have to say… you ARE my hero!

Wow! Talk about capturing the essence of what this Presidential choice is ALL about! You nailed it! I’m in the process of forwarding this to ALL on my distribution list because as far as I’m concerned, this is ‘REQUIRED’ reading!

Gerald W. Hampton, Chairperson, Freedom Fund Committee, North San Diego, CA County NAACP

You ministered to me a whole lot more than you can imagine .

You ministered to me a whole lot more than you can imagine – I really got my money’s worth out of it! I have told several of my friends about our meeting/encounter. I was so charged up when I left. You really inspired me to want to do better for myself (emotionally) and gave me the tools to succeed if I put them to use, and I did. Again, thanks so much for your inspiration and encouragement. God Bless.

Megan Bryant, QC/Compliance Operations Manager, AVP, Jacksonville, FL

All I can say is WOW!

Girl they were waiting for you! Your interview on my show is hot! There are so many people listening to the recorded show already. All I can say is WOW!

Darlene Greene, Founder, Ida Mae Greene Foundation, Domestic Violence Awareness, Dallas, TX