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Other Paths

EUREKA! If There Ever Was a “Secret” This Is It.

My discovery of the higher consciousness of Giving Myself Permission was the result of one recurring question: Why did I identify more with a poverty mindset, rather than the mindset of wealth? This question led to two discoveries:

Discovery #1: Those who have a mindset of wealth are emboldened with an innate KNOWING of their right and obligation to succeed at their deepest aspirations. So they are driven by a passionate, guilt-free EXPECTATION of succeeding. It is that Knowing, and the rhythm of their passion that keeps them in alignment with the Universe’s code of increase.

Discovery #2: Those who have a poverty mindset are unconsciously indifferent, or resistant toward this internal Knowing and emotional energy—making their successes sporadic, meager and unreliable. In other words, our unconscious resistance toward the Universe’s code of increase is sabotaging the quality of our experiences in life, love and vocation.

So, if there was ever a set of unspoken rules—a holy grail that could help you get through the emotional chaos—or change the course of your life’s journey, then it’s the prerequisite of giving yourself permission.


If you prefer a more intimate experience, and are ready to commit to a level of learning that is deeper than surface learning, then I recommend you consider my alternative learning paths:


Meet-Up Group

There is a mythical bird of ancient Egypt called the Phoenix. It is said to be a sacred bird with tears that heal, and a song that increases courage in the hearts of the honorable, and strikes fear in the hearts of the dishonorable. When the time of the old is near, the Phoenix will burst into flames, and is reborn from its own ashes anew.

So, let me ask: Do you know you’re here to bring harmony, a message, healing, protection, or increase to the Universe in some way. You have an identified goal that has a clearly defined outcome, yet you constantly experience meager successes or false starts. Or, maybe you are consumed with the self-sabotaging mental states of doubt and worry? Maybe; you are haunted by an unidentified longing for something more, but feel you may never know your purpose. If so, then it’s time for you to die to the old, and be reborn.



If you feel overwhelmed by the perpetual loop of…

• Constantly getting ready or planning for success, but never really getting out of the starters box?

• Being apprehensive, cynical or doubtful about your abilities, worthiness, or efforts in achieving your successes?

• Repeating the dance of minor gains, and then setbacks; minor gains, and then setbacks?

• Experiencing the exhilaration of your creative flow, only to have it engulfed by blaze of negativity and fears?

Then I want to personally invite you to join me and other like-minded travelers on this supportive journey that will enable you to take the limits off your life, and to realign your conscious self with the rhythmic energy of our life’s purpose.

The Giving Myself Permission meet-up group is a bi-weekly event currently held in the Dallas, Texas area only. The atmosphere of the group is modeled after an early African tradition known as “Collective talk.” At the end of the day, villagers would come together to teach, advise, gain wisdom, express their concerns, offer empathetic encouragement, and get honest answers to their questions. 

The goal of every meet-up is to offer a safe space for you to engage in discussions and learning activities that will help you identify the barriers that are blocking the clear and constant energy flow of your life’s purpose. Each session is a time of growing together; exploring our self-imposed barriers; holding each other accountable to coaching our minds toward the higher consciousness of giving ourselves permission.

The injuries of our past can only be healed by ascending from the honored ashes of the old, to experience the rebirth of a new journey to purpose. You are limited only by your level of commitment to embracing the higher consciousness of giving yourself permission.


One-on-One Collaboration

Sometimes We Just Need an Emotional Clarity Check.

Whenever I think about my one-on-one emotional clarity sessions the saying, “It takes one to know one” comes to mind. I have been on my own solo-journey since 1987, so I am no stranger to moments of “emotional crazy.” And believe me, for those of us who have deep roots of learned inhibitions and inherited weaknesses, our unconscious self-obstruction is even more damning than we realize or want to admit.


The Circle of Two Clarity Sessions 

It’s been said, a successful startup needs 2.09 collaborative minds to flourish. But too often, being a solo-journey means doing it all. However, “Doing It All” has its disadvantages: feeling overwhelmed by all the minor details – hoping that nothing slips through the cracks; organizing your thoughts and prioritizing your obligations, and experiencing the enormous weight of feeling like you’re alone in a maze of wrong turns and obstructions.

When you are not a team of almost three people, a lot of things fall through the cracks—like your emotional well-being. Trust me when I say, It hard to believe in yourself, by yourself. While you may feel doubtful at times, it doesn’t mean you’re off track—you just need a moment to complete an emotional clarity check and balance.


I Believe in Encouragement; Not Co-dependency

Every now and then, we all run into a situation where we just need someone to help us do an emotional “sanity check.” But that momentary need for clarity or encouragement should not turn into another level of codependency—hooked on the opinions and approval of another.

While certified as an NLP coach, I refer to myself as a tutor that helps you to become proficient at using your innate resources and guidance system in the way they are intended to be used. In other words, my success depends on your self-sufficiency.

Each session is synergistic, and a collaborative interaction between two creative energies, which is greater than the sum of our individual efforts. I call this the Circle of Two clarity sessions. And my first commitment to you is to help you get to an emotionally clear space so you can experience the so you can experience the energy pull of your highest good in life.


Each Clarity Session Relationship Starts with:

1. The key word – Relationship. At this level, I invest my emotional energy and attention as an advocates for your dreams and goals so you stay connected and focused. I see this as a valued partnership that I take very seriously. Therefore, only a select and serious few are in this core circle.

2.  The acknowledgement that “pretending” is no longer an option for your life. I do not subscribe to the “fake it until you make it” mentality. In this relationship, we work to remove the façade so you are in alignment with your authentic energy flow, which is innately brilliant.

3.  A serious commitment to action. I’m a finisher that needs to see small achievements leading to a practical finish line. If you’re not committed to your own journey to purpose, I can’t motivate you to be committed. Your success is based on whether you give yourself permission to succeed or not.

4. Free, 15-minute “Put me on Speed Dial” session. While each clarity session has the convenience of a phone call, I believe time is a valuable commodity that is often squandered. More importantly, I want to always honor journey, so it is crucial to me that our collaborative relationship is synergistic. So before you invest one dime, I want you to be sure my brand of tutoring fits your needs and expectations.

5. Then the ball is in your court, and it’s just a matter of a quick PayPal transaction to put me on “speed dial”

6. Once you have me on speed dial, I’m a phone call away that start like this, “Pennie are you busy – I really need some clarity…”

7.  Sessions are strictly confidential, and last up to 1-hour. But don’t worry, time doesn’t dictate my commitment to your journey. Making sure you’ve got the emotional clarity you need does.


Affordable & Designed to Fit Your Needs
There are no lengthy packages or rigid schedule requirements. At $72 per hour session, you decide when you need an emotional clarity check and balance, and how often you need it. (Receive a 15% discount with three or more Pre-paid sessions)