Pennie Murray | Group Experience
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Journeys Have Secret Destinations

Group Experience:

Recommended For: Small to mid-size group participation

Best Suited For: Special Interest Groups advocating Growth & Betterment; Mind/Body/Spirit Retreats, and Other Empowerment Events: Workshops; Retreats; Holistic Cruises, or Conferences


When Two or More Come Together….

My Collaborative Learning Approach works to create a rich and safe environment for exploratory learning among like-minds. Combining elements of peer mentoring, reflective discussions, and practical self-coaching activities, I guide you through the deeper meaning and practice of giving yourself permission, which provides a more holistic learning experience.

My approach is simple, and focuses on fostering meaningful, supportive relationships. Each session is more of a learning experience, than an event. It blends the groups’ experiences and spiritual practices with the insight of the Universe’s code of increase, realistic mind-body practices, and  psychological tools that will help you dismantle the built-up resistance towards your success experiences. More importantly, you begin the process of tapping into and using your innate guidance system in the way it was intended to be used.



My Life’s Work is to Make Sure You Achieve Your Life’s Work
It has taken me 16 years of researching and learning to coach my mind toward the higher consciousness of Giving Myself Permission. To finally understand the fullness of its meaning and power, and the practical course of action to maintain it. But it doesn’t have to take you that long… because my life’s work is to make sure you achieve your life’s work.

Benefits of Attending a Group Event

Recharged Spirit. A gathering of like-minds often evolves into an inter-fusion of energies that ultimately provides rest and restoration – re-energizing you from the inside – out

Shared Wisdom. When individuals of common spirit and energy come together in a comfortable setting, they innately become “Mentors.” We’re not shy in sharing advice or acting as tutors. So questions are asked and answered from a place of deep reflection and sincerity

Others Become Your Mirror. In a relaxed, emotionally safe space, we are calmed by being in the presence of others with similar healing intentions; so you’re able to recognize and relate on a deeper, more personal level

Refocused Clarity. Exploring the shared wisdom of others enables you to refocus and see things on a larger scale and perspective. It also reconnects you with the passion of your life’s work

Psychological & Biological Profits. Research has proven having close and frequent face-to-face connections with like-minded others makes us healthier. More importantly, our goals are exponentially better when we align ourselves with collaborative thinkers who have deliberately focused energies. So this is a win-win situation

Intrinsic Fulfillment. The core principle of this group experience is, “Help someone and you help yourself.” Embracing this core principle offers you an opportunity to further expand yourself by helping someone else to navigate through the path of their solo journey. I like to call this having a “Lighthouse Spirit.


To inquire about Dr. Murray speaking at your next group event, please contact her at or 469.525.1156.

Dr. Murray is available to facilitate guidance workshops around the country upon request.

Workshops can be designed for 2-days, but for an expansive experience it is recommended for 3-days. Basic workshops are generally scheduled for Friday and Saturday sessions: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM; and concludes on Sunday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.