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GMSP Special Edition Gift Set


Special Edition Gift Set

To make sure your journey toward self-permission is a successful one, start with this Special Edition Gift Set. You get an autographed copy of my award winning book Giving Myself Permission: Putting Fear and Doubt in Their Place (with a signature red ribbon bookmarker); the companion enhancement note card Asking for Richer Ground; the GMSP coffee mug, and a choice of my exclusive Emotional Clarity Oil (with a designer coralline clear organza pouch) all for $35 (a $49 value). You’ll love it!

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Gift bag not included


Autographed Book

Recipient of the Reader’s Choice Award, Giving Myself Permission: Putting Fear and Doubt in Their Place is a transformative, self-coaching book that challenges you to release the built-up resistance toward experiencing the fullness of your successes. Giving Myself Permission gives you an alternative, thought provoking view of why your success experiences are often frustrating, meager, and short-lived. It discusses the common ways we betray our efforts toward success, and their root causes. It also offers practical exercises to help you tap into and strengthen your internal resources to live “in” purpose. Read Giving Myself Permission, and you’ll see why it is more than just a book title.

Available in paperback and eBook at your favorite on-line book or eBook retailer.

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Companion Enrichment Booklet

For many, the act of “asking” for anything can trigger a lot of emotional stresses and inhibitions. Even when we do ask, we do it from a place of skepticism, wrong motivation, distorted emotional temperament, or with no regard to our true intended life purpose. Asking for Richer Ground: The Power of Co-Creating, is a quick read companion tool (Tri-Fold Booklet) that emphasizes the importance of our role as co-creators in the collaboration of achieving our intended life’s purpose. It also reiterates the two characteristics that increases your ability to fertilize and cultivate your quality of life. This small booklet is a quick reminder that you have a vital role as co-creator in the collaboration of achieving your intended life’s purpose.

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Couture Meditation Oils



Each 1/4 oz. bottle comes in a beautiful designer coralline clear organza pouch


The fastest way to achieve right-mindedness and emotional clarity is through mental focus and realignment. This mental exercise is greatly enhanced by the sensory of smell.


My Couture Oils Have Been Called “Addictive to the Senses” For a Reason

Made from the highest quality essential oils, these blends combine the ancient sacred oils of old to create a rich and pure fragrance designed to soothe the mind, body, and spirit. Whether you choose Within Me or Breath of Joy, both are unforgettable and deeply satisfying to the senses.


Within Me

Within Me is my True North—Joy, Gratitude, and Love

With a blend of 9 ancient essential oils and a pinch of therapeutic-grade essential oils, this discerning and irresistible blend realigns your mind to its highest good, while stimulating a sense of calm and emotional well-beingno matter the disruption. This lush aroma releases you from the emotional upsets or distresses of the day, while promoting harmony and balance in the mind and body. Within Me is a versatile blend that can be used just before bed; making bedtime a sacred ritual to quiet your senses, and bring your day to a peaceful conclusion of appreciation and KNOWING. A knowing that reassures you of the authentic joy and completeness within you. It can also be paired with your favorite meditation music when wanting to experience a moment of gratitudeopening you to an understanding mind and a hearing heart. Within Me is divine intended purpose. Within Me is the capacity to fulfill that purpose.


Breath of Joy

Breathe into me the Breath of Joy—the vitality of the Universe

This exquisite blend of the earth’s aroma is like inhaling the gentle breath of pure joy; moving your inner spirit to a deep sense of delight and self-appreciation. With its blend of 3 ancient essential oils, Breath of Joy invigorates your spirit, helps you calm your mind, connect to your body, and simply change your perspective—in the moment. Even in the midst of your daily challenges, when used, Breath of Joy brings you back to a comfortable place of emotional gracefulness. It refocuses your emotional and creative energies, and reassures your sense of BEing in that space and moment. Use it daily to enhance your morning meditation, or as a refreshing mid-day energy break to touch base with your core center—your place of calm, and confident assurance. If you really want to take it up a notch; elevate the benefits of this essential oil by using it in combination with the Yoga Breath of Joy Breathing Technique. A FABULOUS way to strengthen your power of self-permission.

These Unique Essential Oil Blends are Incredible!

Just a “drop” of these fabulous essential oil blends is all you need to begin your journey toward emotional clarity, enhanced inner peace; greater spiritual connectivity, and long-term joy.

Your Choice for


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