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The strategies to achieve the higher consciousness of self-permission was developed by Dr. Pennie Murray for those whose life purpose has been marginalize or suppressed by learned inhibitions and limitations, and are open to exploring unconventional strategies to gain the confidence to live your truth.
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We Would Love to Hear From You!

Please make sure you contact us should you have any questions; comments; would like to sign-up for an upcoming event, or just want more information on how we can help you achieve a successful journey toward self-permission,



We strongly respect the fact that this is your journey, so it’s important that you do it your way. We won’t clog your email with general notifications of events, or reminders of our services. Instead, we leave it up to you to determine the level of commitment, practice and engagement you want to experience.


With that said, we still want to stay true to our commitment to your success by giving you the option to connect and engage with us. So, we invite you to expand your experience by following me on LinkedIn or subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more videos and podcasts. Both give you an opportunity to be a part of the virtual community of kindred spirits who are reconnecting to their emotional freedom and Will through the Power of Self-Permission. This is also, where we will share information on upcoming events, our FREE introductory webinar, and much more.