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The strategies to achieve the higher consciousness of self-permission was developed by Dr. Pennie Murray for those whose life purpose has been marginalize or suppressed by learned inhibitions and limitations, and are open to exploring unconventional strategies to gain the confidence to live your truth.
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Choose Your Learning Path

The urging to “Give Yourself Permission” is all around us. A simple action—Right?


Wrong! While we hear the cavalier use of this phrase daily, we are unaware of the enormous power behind this declaration of self-empowerment. For many of us, this encouragement is quickly discouraged by a distorted, yet unconscious state of resistance—followed by a series of negative mental scenarios. Just the mere thought of indulging in self-empowerment leaves us with the stresses of self-doubt and fear.


Stuck somewhere between years of learned inhibitions, and the fear of disapproving others, we struggle to understand just how you can give yourself permission when everything in you cautions against it. We want to know how to silence the negative self-talk, so we can start showing up as our true, authentic, beautifully vulnerable self. More importantly, are there methods and strategies available to help us achieve this ability to give yourself permission.



This Journey Work is Best Suited For:

Those whose life purpose has been marginalize or suppressed by learned inhibitions and limitations, and are open to exploring unconventional strategies to gain the confidence to live your life’s truth.



This Is Just One of The Questions We Want Help You Clarify and Explore.


We are all here on purpose for purpose, which is greater than the sum parts of a “to do” list of superficial activities. Over time, the demands, fears, expectations and needs of others has dimmed our conscious awareness of this inner resource of power—creating a state of mental and emotional resistance.


The good news is you can reconnect with this unique, inherent power called SELF-PERMISSION.


A strong advocate for the Power of Self-Permission, Dr. Murray’s work and passion for helping others tap into this innate power goes beyond the conventional use as we know it—a random “to do” list of insincere activities. She views and respects this natural power as the compass that leads us to our TRUE NORTH.


Through proven methods and learning strategies, we provide you with a systematic, yet practical approach that will assist you in starting the process of reconnecting with your inherent power self-permission. With dedicated practice, you will be able to connect and align with the unique essence, purpose, and success intended for your life. Learning the strategies and principles of giving yourself permission enables you to:

Re-purpose negative self-talk, doubt, and apprehension

Realize the true nature and function of your emotions, and collaborate with them as trusted allies

Coach your mind to its unique state of higher consciousness and purpose

Align yourself with events, resources, and relationships that enrich your life’s truest journey



Our passion is to give individuals at different levels of their lives a hands-on experience on achieving success on their own terms. We offer different pathways to begin the process of tapping into your natural Power of Self-Permission so you can have the learning experience that best suits your needs and lifestyle. These learning paths include:




When you learn the principles of Self-Permission, you begin the process of changing the dynamics and momentum of your success experiences, and the quality of your life.


We encourage you to expand your experience by becoming a part of the virtual Facebook GMSP Tribe of Kindred Spirits who are moving toward a higher consciousness through the Power of Self-Permission. 




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