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For Keynote Events:

Dr. Pennie Murray spent a large portion of her life struggling to understand why she related more to a “poverty mentality” rather than a “wealth mentality”.

Determined to shift her mindset and her life’s course, she would dedicate 16 yrs. of academic work researching and writing on the possible root causes of this dilemma. During the course of her academic research and travels as a corporate trainer, she found that many others were in the same struggle. So her intense desire to find the pathway that would help her make the mental and emotional paradigm shift to an affluent mindset became bigger than herself.

Dr. Murray truly has the insight, life experience, and dynamic personality to bring the most valuable, yet highly uncomfortable, frequently ignored discussion of emotional self-sabotage to the forefront. With her unique ability to connect with people from all walks of life, Dr. Murray inspires others to recognize the possible unconscious resistance they may have toward their real life’s journey.


No Hooks; No Gimmicks… Just Straight Talk

In her frank, but conversational way, Dr. Murray brings the warmth and connection experienced in intimate, small gatherings to groups of any size. For her, every keynote is like talking with a trusted confidant or old friend. And her passion for others to join the journey of realigning with the emotional rhythm of their life’s purpose through the power of self-permission is contagious.

Describing herself as more of a teacher than speaker, Dr. Murray blends her life lessons, spiritual and psychological studies, professional development, and interactions with others to give your audience an experience that will reawaken them to their highest good.

If your group members want to change the cycle of…

• Constantly getting ready or planning for success, but never taking the leap

• Being apprehensive, cynical or doubtful about your abilities, worthiness, or efforts in achieving your successes

• Repeating the dance of experiencing minor gains, and then setbacks; minor gains, and then setbacks

• Experiencing the exhilaration of your creative flow, only to have it smothered by self-doubt and skepticism?

No need to continue the struggle. To fulfill her spiritual agreement Dr. Murray is dedicated to sharing insights and techniques that will help you uncover the unconscious resistance toward your intended purpose in life. And to help you realize that the stuff you have on your personal to-do list for success is far less than what is really on your life’s spiritual to-do list.


Keynote Topics:

Each keynote is like a micro-burst learning session. All topics can be developed into 2 – 6 hour seminars, breakout sessions, or combined for self-empowerment retreats.


• The Power of Self Permission

At its purest state, the higher consciousness of self-permission, as used here, does not fit into a neatly wrapped definition. While capable of thousands of meanings based on the individual unique journey. I’ll give you a peek into my own journey of learning basic principles, and the pathway of coaching mind to the higher consciousness of giving myself permission. We’ll also talk about the language of resistance toward success; how it’s created, and how fluent we are in speaking it.


• You Have Two Roads to Follow

Growing up, my mother would always tell my three younger sisters that they had two roads to follow: my road in life, or my oldest sister’s road. The intent was to point out that the choices I had made in life resulted in shame and struggle. While my oldest sister’s choices resulted in material success, and social acceptance.

In a way, my mother was right. But like many today, she didn’t realize no matter our choice, every external journey automatically prompts an internal journey we are also engaged in. While we have been conditioned to put greater value and effort on our outer journey experiences, it is our inner emotional journey experiences that determine the depth and breadth of our outer experiences.

We can’t chose to focus solely on one journey oppose to the other—they are intertwined. But what if you were given a series of cliff notes that could shine some light on where you are on your journey—would you take them? What if these cliff notes could be used to supplement your understanding in order to make better choices along the way—would you use them? In this session I do just that.


•Awakening the Inner-Activist

In the 70s Gil Scott Heron released a poem laid to rhythm titled The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. In 2007 Senator Barack Obama spoke of a “quiet riot” that has been building up in this country for years. This quiet riot occurs when a sense of disconnect settles in and hope dissipates. Senator Obama went on to become America’s 44th President. Not through outward rebellion, but by the uprising of his inner activist.

Using these two prophetic views, I point out the importance of awakening our Inner-Activism, and galvanizing our inner-resources to rise-up against our ego-resistance, and to realign with our divine purpose.


•The Monopoly Theory: Removing Self-imposed Barriers toward Success

An African proverb gives this word of caution, “When there is no enemy on the inside, the perceived enemies on the outside can do you no harm.” Being stuck in survival mode, and inequality of this society has caused an achievement moratorium on black success. This standstill in the Black community is the result of the historical residue and inherited weaknesses locked in our psychological DNA.

Using the rules of the Monopoly game, I point out how our compulsory response (coping and ego-defense mechanisms) to this society’s monopoly on success has become self-imposed barriers toward our own success. We also discuss the importance of coaching your mind to the higher consciousness of self-permission to assist in recognizing and releasing these self-imposed barriers.


•Navigating the Emotional Side of Success

There is an African proverb that says, “When you understand the ‘whys’ of life, you can endure any ‘how.” When we misinterpret why our emotions are occurring or what they are trying to rely to us; or why we are so hell bent on sabotaging our own efforts toward success, we cuss our emotional experiences, and the very essence of wisdom they hold. And for this reason, many struggle with an unconscious apprehensiveness or doubt toward their own success.

But we can change the experiences we have with our emotions. Here I introduce you to the characteristic of the success fearing personality, and the importance of coaching your mind to the higher consciousness of self-permission to help you decipher and better navigate the emotional side of your successes.


Dr. Murray is available for speaking engagements with associations, public/private events, cruises and retreats.


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Dr. Pennie Murray Bio

Dr. Pennie Murray is an experienced speaker, inspirational teacher, I/O Psychologist. She is dedicated to her work on the success fearing personality, and in mentoring others on managing the emotional side of success through the power of self-permission. Her own struggles with self-betrayal, fear, and doubt was the catalyst that has driven her 16-year quest to decipher the human romance with mediocrity and the victim mentality. 

Dr. Murray’s expertise has been shaped by her academic research and study; her professional career as a corporate trainer, and NLP coach, and her own life-lessons. In her engaging, yet frank and inspiring way she exposes the real culprit behind our lack of KNOWING in managing the emotional side of success. From executive leaders to the labor force, she has addressed thousands of professionals locally, nationally and internationally—to include Canada, Australia, New Zealand—on various topics of personal and professional achievement. Because she shares her insights and knowledge from the perspective of both a student and a teacher, she resonates with her audiences on a deep and personal level. Dr. Murray prides herself on inspiring more than short-lived feelings. Her focus is on cultivating long-term action and commitment to one’s truest life purpose.

To inquire about Dr. Murray speaking at your next event, please contact her at or 469.525.1156.


Pennie; keynote speaker at the celebration of the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in San Diego, CA.