Pennie Murray | About the Journey
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About the Journey



First, allow me to offer my perspective on the human question about one’s life PURPOSE…
I grew up hearing a passage from the Christian Bible (paraphrased) “Before I formed you in your mother’s womb I chose you. Before you were born, I set you apart for purpose….

Through the years, that passage has served as evidence (at least for me) that we are spiritual beings selected on purpose for purpose. And in that selection process we made a spiritual agreement to expand, assist, enrich, or heal the Universe (and human life) in some way. 

If you can agree that we are spiritual beings of purpose, then you can agree that our life’s journey is intrinsically spiritual. And, we are governed, empowered, and driven by the rhythm and energies of our unique journey to purpose—not by our social, religious or familial conditioning. But for many, the conditioning that shaped us, also distorted our journey to purpose—causing it to become a distressing maze of wrong turns and dead-ends. Now, we look to others for approval (permission) and direction.


Now, let me address the term Giving Myself Permission 
The term Giving Myself Permission, as referred to in my work, goes beyond the conventional use as we know it—a random “to do” list of self-indulgent activities. While we hear the cavalier use of this phrase daily, we are unaware of the enormous power behind this statement.

Giving Myself Permission IS the inner-self conveying an intense feeling or KNOWING of having innate approval and authority to achieve one’s life’s pursuit. It is surrendering to fulfilling the fullness of your intended purpose, without the need for external consent.

The process of giving yourself permission unclogs the positive energy flow provided to you from the Universe, and draws on your spiritual nature; but it does not advocate any specific religious doctrine. It requires an emotional paradigm shift that brings about self-wisdom, accountability, and spiritual astuteness, so it will definitely deepen your spiritual bond. More importantly, learning and practicing the power of self-permission will help you uncover and release the unconscious resistance that is drowning out, and distorting the true rhythm of your spiritual agreement.


When you’re not achieving deep and meaningful goals; when life has become a maze you can’t get out of; when your life doesn’t match your  aspirations; or when you are not living your intended purpose—you beat yourself up. You feel frustrated and dissatisfied. You belittle your efforts by comparing yourself to others. Or even more damning — you betray yourself through a series of self-sabotaging behaviors that further complicates your journey to purpose.

You’re saying, “Okay… So What!” Well, there are a few key factors that have to do with your journey to purpose that are often unrecognized, rarely considered, or frequently minimized. First, your journey is two-dimensional, and consist of an inner and outer journey experience. Secondly, it’s not the outer experience that makes your journey feel more like a maze you can’t find your way through—it’s your inner experience. Thirdly, the quality of your inner experience dictates the quality of your outer experience.


So you have to ask yourself; “Is my unconscious inner journey sabotaging the quality of my physical experiences in life, love and vocation?”


We spend a considerable amount of time, money, and effort learning the logistics and mechanics of our outer journey. We should know by now that focusing on the outer journey alone won’t guarantee the quality or level of your success; nor does it guarantee you’re on the “right” path. Fact is, your inner journey is the only true determining factor of your outer experiences of success.


There is a proven method and tools, you are possibly unaware of, that will help you synchronize your inner/outer journey in order to achieve the best outcome for your good.


Ancient spiritual traditions from all cultures, have used a variety of tools to assist them in navigating through their inner journey. But they all know there is only one true method to reconnect to our divine source, and realign our natural heart/mind rhythm with the rhythm of the Universe, which ultimately synchronizes our inner/outer experiences.

If you are ready to get through and out of that maze of life you’ve been stuck in; if you are serious about finding and fulfilling your spiritual life agreement—then I invite you to begin the process of realigning with the emotional rhythm of your life’s purpose through the power of self-permission.

It’s as Simple as Choosing the Learning Path You Want to Take

The Benefits Are Limited Only by Your Commitment
When you learn the action of Self-Permission, you begin the process of changing the dynamics and momentum of your success experiences.