Pennie Murray | About Dr. Pennie Murray
I/O Psychologist, Author, Speaker, Teacher, and Advocate for the Power of Self-Permission
I/O Psychologist, Author, Speaker, Teacher, Advocate for the Power of Self-Permission,
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About Dr. Pennie Murray

an accomplished corporate executive trainer and speaker, with a list of notable achievements. Dr. Pennie Murray fulfilled a childhood dream by serving as a law enforcement officer, owned a retail business and recognized as niche marketer for several years. She was a radio talk show host on a major radio station; she has written an award-winning book, and has earned a doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.


Sounds impressive—Right? Well, Yes and No!


Yes, in that Dr. Murray accomplished the goals she set for herself, but NO in that much of what she did was to make up for how she always felt on the inside… not “good enough” – a peon, and all the other negative labels that shaped her self-image.


For a large portion of her life, these labels always spoke louder and with more conviction than her positive achievements. The insatiable need to prove her worth left her susceptible to being addicted to the approval and opinions of others. So, her level of success would always reach a certain level and then stall.


Others looked at her unfavorable beginning as a prediction of future failures. But she believed there was a path she was meant to travel, and it wasn’t the one she had settled for.

Dr. Murray spent thousands of dollars on an extensive collection of self-help books, and on coaching and counseling sessions. She attended classes, and conferences all in an attempt to identify the unknown something that seemed to sabotage her success experiences. But little if anything changed. The recurring feelings of being stuck in a maze of wrong turns, dead-ends, and desperate exits went on for years until she started asking some serious questions. Questions that led back to the core of her own distorted conditioning. Over time, Dr. Murray realized the emotional tug-of-war between her intended purpose, and the learned inhibitions she struggled with set the stage for her current journey.


As soon as healing takes place, go out and heal somebody else. ~Maya Angelou


Dr. Murray’s own struggles were the driving force behind her 16-year quest to decipher her willingness to stay loyal to mediocrity, but resisted her highest well-being. Now, she is sharing the tools and principles that enabled her to tap into her unique Power of Self-Permission with others.


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May You Achieve the Higher Consciousness of Self-Permission, and Live Your Life in Truth.



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