Pennie Murray | Author of Reader's Choice Awarded Book: Giving Myself Permission, Speaker and Coach


The Power of Self-Permission is about being the authentic owner of your life and your success. Many of us who are successful on the outside are still having a difficult time feeling it on the inside. Think of all the times when you were growing up and someone said something to you or did something that put you in “your place”- Don’t do that!   Who do you think you are?!  Did you ask?

How often do the thoughts of fear, self-doubt, and limitations associated with these types of experiences keep you from living your life with the freedom and joy that’s been missing for you? How often do you wait for someone else to give you permission to be who you want to be and to do what you really want to do? More than you probably care to think, right?

The truth is, giving yourself permission is a prerequisite for achieving success in every area of your life. You have the power within you to give yourself permission and finally put fear and doubt in “their place”!
~ Pennie Murray

Pennie Murray, author of the award winning book, Giving Myself Permission, personally understands and teaches you how to stop letting these negative experiences limit you, and instead use them as fuel to ignite your purpose and passion that has been there all along! Pennie offers training locally, nationally, and globally through workshops, keynotes, and the Giving Myself Permission Community.

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